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Luciano Emílio Soccer Development

Boys & Girls After school program designed for all soccer levels. Try a free training session and get a Dc united gear as a gift.
❯ Local: Fairfax, VA

What we offer?

Professional youth soccer training
Summary: This program is designed to develop individuals physically and mentally through soccer also Improving their collective part that each child needs. All players registered will get a Dc united gear and will be able to assist a DC United first team training during MLS season (Spring or Summer).

Tuition: $200 per player
We offer a discounted tuition for additional siblings of $30 dollars.
Email: or call us at 2404946099

Welcome to Lesa Fc Student soccer development OFFICIAL RULES & WAIVER:
1.Due to the strenuous nature of practices, the parent must consult a physician concerning the fitness of the participant. The parent(s), guardian or custodian further must pay a nominal, non-refundable participation fee. 2.”Luciano Emilio Brazilian Soccer Academy, INC employees, volunteers, coaches and agents will do everything in their power to teach, guide, and encourage players. However, players must demonstrate passion, dedication, and commitment to the program. Inappropriate behavior during practice and/or team functions will NOT be tolerated. If disruptive behavior continues, suspension from our program is possible. PARENT BEHAVIOR is very important to the appearance. 3.If parents are interested in watching practices or games, they must do so in a respectful manner. Only positive encouragement will be tolerated. If a parent is critical, negative, loud or aggressive he/she will be asked to leave. The academy can and WILL cancel player registration. Poor sportsmanship on the parent’s behalf affects the player directly. Parents have a contract with our program and must respect that. Payments rules: The amount of $200.00 Monthly fee will be cover practices and will be paid online through the payment link we provide.
5. Parents must understand that after registration. If the parents of a child want to leave the program, they must pay the rest of monthly fee to complete the commitment. Players can not participate in any practice or games if payments are not updated. CONTACT Email us at or call 240-494-6099 Medical Release Although, Soccer Academy is not responsible for admission in any hospital or medical facility for diagnosis and treatment, in case that a parent cannot be located in an emergency situation, as the legal parent, custodian or guardian. I request and authorize that in my absence the student named in this document be transported admitted to any hospital or medical facility for diagnosis and treatment I understand that I have not been given any guarantee as to the results of hospitalization or treatment. I further authorize this soccer program, its employees, officers, members, volunteers to act in the above named student/ participant’s, and to use their best judgment in providing transportation or arranging for emergency care in any urgent circumstances requiring medical attention. I understand that I am responsible to pay any bills that occur during such an emergency (transportation, medical care, medications and others) and I accept the release of my personal information in doing so.I further authorize the hospital, medical or care facility to dispose of any specimen or tissue during the course of any diagnosis, treatment or other normal or customary procedures. 21-I understand this “terms and conditions, medical release and terms and conditions” document includes all activities related to and originated from participations and involvement with “soccer formal and informal practices. I HAVE READ AND UNDERSTAND ALL OF THE RULES THAT ARE LISTED ON THE PREVIOUS PAGE AND PROMISE TO FOLLOW THEM IN ORDER TO BE A PART OF THIS ACADEMY.

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