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2018/9/19 Luciano Emilio named ambassador of the latino community of DMV

“My two teams with 1 × 1 tied hearts and none came out sad” Luciano Emilio

Diario Deportivo ONCE HN has had the honor of EXCLUSIVELY interviewing Luciano Emilio, former scorer of Olimpia and Real España in our National League. In addition, he conquered the heart of DC United in MLS.

The Brazilian answered all our questions, initially referring to the League of Amputees that gives him full support. He also touched the subject of the bench in the National Team.

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It was a request from Leonel, the manager of CD Guerrero, who asked for support for them and also CD Without Barriers.

Yes, Carlos Pavón, Wilmer Velasquez, Carlos Costly, have already confirmed the support. Noel Valladares, Nerlin Membreño and others who decide to support us too.

We are going to make a game to raise funds and there will be an exhibition match between my teammates mixed with amputees, followed by their tournament. We intend to help establish the league for next year.

Tuviste un homenaje del DC United ¿Cómo te sentiste?

Working hard with the football academy and thank God we will establish a semi-professional team that in 2 years will play in the third division of the United States.

Now I have returned to play with my Lesa FC United team, I will support on and off the court. Maybe in the future if I can do it since I have my professional license and did preparation at FC Barcelona in Spain and Torino in Italy.

Without a doubt, Nahún Espinoza. For me it is the best option of ability and character. What happened was an incident that happens with any coach and we can’t judge him. He made me a much better player in Olympia and I owe him a lot of my achievements, for what I did in DC United.

I see product to go to the World Cup, but we need someone like Nahún, who has a firm character, knows the environment, knows the Honduran mentality and has experience. Honduras has paid a lot for coaches who met the goal without giving many chances to Hondurans.

Because the Honduran player did not know and the group was lost. The group needed to manage to impose the style of play on the court. If there is no group management, the group will not work with you. The coach manages the group, but they are the players who take the country to the world cup.

I left Honduras, months ago, before meeting the time to become a Honduran citizen. But, I feel a Honduran, since my daughter was born in Tegucigalpa.

The kindness of the people and friends we have. The beauty that was to defend the colors of Real España and Olimpia.

The two left me good things, and I will contact the two clubs to support the Amputee League project, and why not seek the support of the other teams in the National League.

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Appointed ambassador of the Latino community of DMV