Programm Alianza

Saving generations through youth soccer!

Program emerged from Luciano Emilio Brazilian Soccer Academy
Non-Profit organization in Maryland

Our Mission

Since 2013 Luciano Brazilian Soccer Academy is dedicated to training children’s and teaching soccer techniques in all  DMV communities in association with the Club Dc United of MLS. Forming individuals, athletes, joining communities through soccer. Working with young immigrants and involving young people in sport in an effective way. Offering scholarships for trainings, trips, tournaments inside and outside of the country.

Make available medical treatment on Centro Metro Orthopedics & Sports Therapy. Also offering English classes at our partner Lado International Institute.

Objetives and Goals

Objectives: Achieve a connection with networks of companies and find organizations or companies interested in financing this program and supporting these communities along with the support of the embassies to expand this program and do what we already do in a much larger proportion. Setting endowments and monthly meetings show the activities carried out within the Alianza latina de fútbol.
Goals: Offer technical courses through Montgomery College so that our players have better opportunities in their lives to be independent. Provide our involved sponsors and supporters an participation in our marketing program at (Lesa Tv) Ex-website and social networks.
Also supporters can participate in all events covered by our medias. Ex:Tiempo Latino, Washington Post ,Telemundo TV Washington and Lesa TV.

Legenda foto: DC United striker Luciano Emilio, poses with his Major League Soccer (MLS) Most Valuable Player (MVP) trophy, Thursday, Nov. 15, 2007, in Washington. (AP)

Why do we save generations?

Since 2013 working with the Latino community we realized that when a parent of a Latin kid can no longer afford a soccer school fee for their child. He with the lack of focus on something he likes begins to steal or use drugs. This job developed by Lesa FC (Alianza Latina de Fútbol) prevents these young people from taking bad roads in their lives, involving in soccer training programs and soccer activities.

Obesity & Autism

Keep kids busy with an activity that is interesting to them. Because soccer is their passion and we believe that (Soccer balls has the power to change lives because it works with a world passion).

Our Priority

What was done within the program

  • 12 days soccer clinic free on China 2015
  • Sponsored 3 kids to go to Barcelona Spain in 2016
  • Indoor and Outdoor Training in Maryland
  • “Alianza latina de fútbol” take children and parents to Dc United first team training.