Know about us

Founded on September 01, 2013. LESA FC UNITED is the next step of Luciano Emilio Brazilian soccer academy. Currently is also a soccer school affiliated to Dc united club that participates in Best League Soccer (USA).


  • a) Bring high-quality players from all areas of DMV & Baltimore to participate in the NPSL 2019 league.
  • b) Give opportunities to the players playing professionally in Us.
  • c) Provide the best players recruited to Dc Unted in order to strengthen the Club in their USL 2019 franchise as well as made at the academy level.
  • d) Divider in two fases: First team: It will consist of 22 players who will participate in the recruitment period from september 1 to December 20, 2018. Acting in this period in training and friendly games against professional clubs. Subsequently he will playing in the 4 division’s NPSL.  Second Fase, reserve team: It will consist of 22 players who will be in the process of Main Team and performing training and in friendly games of USA.


“While we have possession of the ball our opponents can not cause us problems,
if we do not have the ball, The whole team is in trouble.

Style of play: BRAZILIAN WAY

The soccer style of Brazil  is a lot of ball possession patiently seeking to penetrate the area box of the opponents. Works in a very technical way and exploring the individual talent of each player. The Brazilian soccer is also currently working with reduced space and with real situations of game. Brazilian way is aggressive and forceful.