Low-income apliccation

Lesa Fc offers discount for low-income kids.
To be eligible parent’s should email to
lesafc11@gmail.com a most recent tax return as
proof of low annual income.

Follow instructions bellow:

First: you need to send us your personal data, use the form bellow; Second: Choice a modality and pay your register Last: Make club’s contract download. JOIN US!

Registration form


Welcome to “Luciano Emilio Brazilian Soccer Academy”

Due to the strenuous nature of practices, the parent must consult a physician concerning the fitness of the participant. The parent(s), guardian or custodian further must pay a nominal, non-refundable participation fee.

2.”Luciano Emilio Brazilian Soccer Academy, LLC” employees, volunteers, coaches and agents will do everything in their power to teach, guide, and encourage players. However, players must demonstrate passion, dedication, and commitment to the Academy. The Academy is not a “babysitting” service. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult at all times. (during practices AND games)
Inappropriate behavior during practice and/or team functions will NOT be tolerated. If disruptive behavior continues, suspension from our Academy is possible. PARENT BEHAVIOR is very important to the appearence
of our Academy. If parents are interested in watching practices or games, they must do so in a respectful manner. Only positive encouragement will be tolorated. If a parent is critical, negative, loud or aggressive he/she will be asked to leave. The academy can and WILL cancel player registration. Poor sportsmanship on the parents behalf efects the player directly. Parents have a contract with our Academy and must respect that. Players will arrive at practice ON time wearing their uniform (including cleats and shin guards).

6. LESA FC has the right to photograph and/or film your son or daughter. For example, gameplay shots during our upcoming season in May will be uploaded to the website. (social media outlets as well) Advertisements and promotions such as flyers and banners could contain these kinds of media as well. Things of this nature should be encouraged, as we believe it will only help us grow. Player excitement and enthusiasm is an essential component of the environment we are creating. No parent is allowed to play or coach during practice or games. Parents should always remain of the field of play. Parents can only play in adult soccer games that have been scheduled in advance. Parents at practices OR games are to be encouraging. Anything less (i.e ..hovering, yelling, critisism of any kind) will not be tolorated. You will be asked to leave. Bad weather will result in the cancellation of practice. Heavy rain, lightning and/or thunder, high winds, tornado warnings and unusually wet field conditions can result in the cancellation of practice.

8. Players who are not enrolled in our academy are not permitted to play during practice or games. We will not be responsible for any accidents or injuries involving players who are not enrolled in our academy.

9. Please address any questions or concerns with the administration and not the coaches so that the coaches can focus on practices and games. All players from the academy should report to games on time. If players are late, the coaches are not obligated to put them in the game to make up for lost time. Coaches are not responsible for students after practice is over. Parents should be present in order to pick up their children once practice has ended.

Payments rules:

12. Registration fee of $25 will be paid for new registration

13. Monthly payments of spring,summer and fall season $135 and wiinter season $145 should be made by the 1st of each month. (league fees are not including in any monthly payment and the only payment method is credit card or debit card) league fees will be not acepted if monthly payments are late.

14. Monthly Payments that are received after the 5th will be assessed a $20.00 late fee. Any payments received after the 8th of each month will be assessed an $30.00 late fee. Attention: every parent is prohibited placing any child on the registration form if this child don’t belong to the family.
Under this cincinstancias this father will be fined for $ 150 by attempted deceit. Soccer training may change days and hours according to the weather or availability of montgomery county, Baltimore or delaware schools.

15.If a monthly payment for the academy is not made by the 16th of the month, the registration for that player will be cancelled. If the parents of this player want to re-apply to the academy, they must first pay the amount that is past due, register again, and pay an additional $25.00 re-application fee.

16. Parents must understand that after registration there is a for month commitment to the Academy. If the parents of a child want to leave the program before the four months period is over, they must pay the rest of monthly fee to complete the four months commitment. Players can not participate in any practice or games if payments are not updated.

17. Our school has an annual model program and students can only withdraw from the academy if is definitive. In case you want to have break you will have to follow the payments normally. SUSPENSION POLICY: Disrespectful, unsportsmanlike, and/or disruptive behavior on ANY of our teams can result in Academy suspension. This means the player does not practice, nor play, in order to reflect on his/her actions.

CONTACT INFORMATION - Before you text or call.....
CHECK YOUR EMAIL. This is our primary form of communication. As it may not be convienent to some, it is the most efective way to get everyone on the same page.

If you cannot obtain the information via email, Please call 240-494-6099

Medical Release
18-Although,Soccer Academy is not responsible for admission in any hospital or medical facility for diagnosis and treatment, in case that a parent cannot be located in an emergency situation,as the legal parent,custodian or guardian.I request and authorize that in my absence the student named in this document be transported admitted to any hospital or medical facility for diagnosis and treatment.i understand that I have not been given any guarantee as to the results of hospitalization or treatment.

19-I further authorize soccer academy, its employees, officers, members, volunteers to act in the above named student/ participant’s, and to use their best judgment in providing transportation or arranging for emergency care in any urgent circumstances requiring medical attention.

20-I understand that I am responsible to pay any bills that occur during such an emergency(transportation,medical care, medications and others) and I accept the release of my personal information in doing so.I further authorize the hospital, medical or care facility to dispose of any specimen or tissue during the course of any diagnosis, treatment or other normal or customary procedures.
21-I understand this “terms and conditions,medical release and terms and conditions” document includes all activities related to and originated from participations and involvement with “soccer formal and informal practices.